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The Deathly Hallows Release

2007 February 3, 12:59 am

Good news for all Harry Potter fans, of whom includes me. The publication date of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows is 21st of July this year.

According to Rowling’s site, the timing of release in English-speaking countries is 00:01 BST. Correct me if I am wrong, but it logically follows that Singapore’s release time is 07:01 AM.

Forthwith, I urge all of you to preorder the book at local bookstores or via Amazon preorder. You do not want to take the chance of it being out-of-stock!

– Logish


Harry Potter Book Title Released!

2006 December 31, 5:11 am

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows‘ is the title of J.K. Rowling’s last book of the ‘Harry Potter’ novels. Being quite skeptical of the info, I cross-referenced with sources of authority, which can be found below. You’re welcome to check it.

Anyway, here’s a little treat for you. Enjoy…

P.S. Bellatrix is hot! And she is wrong about the only female death-eater thing.

– Logen Lanka


At the time of this entry, Bloomsbury’s site was down.


A Little HP Goes A Long Way

2006 December 28, 3:24 am

Attention! to all the muggles out there. The below is promotional info on wand-dueling. Buy the complete course at 8000 galleons (40 000 sterling pounds, S$120 800).

Being a muggle, you’d think that our course would be useless for you. After all, the definition for the term -‘muggle’, means ‘non-magical person’. However, let us assume the age old adage of ‘knowledge is power’ to be true.

Call the wizarding hotlines, (+62442) MUGGLECOURSE. Magical hotline.

P.S. That was totally random *winks*. And Bella looks hot, okay, I mean the actress…

– Logen Lanka


I’m A Naughty Boy

2006 December 5, 5:17 am

Bet the title caught your attention, didn’t it? 😀 So, what am I guilty of? Not updating, and having a naughty post below. Although, I mentioned the hiatus in the previous entry, it seemed a tad bit longer than short.

Instead of planning the Christmas Special, writing or studying Chemistry/English, I have been ‘spring-cleaning’ my room. The clutter and strewn about papers had been driving me crazy.

Not forgetting, I have taken to organising the barbecue for my class of year 2004. Let us just say the barbecue planning has hit a snag. Amidst all, I do, however, promise to reveal the sarong socks…



Now, my Meez is so hot, like me. Well, it is me in one of my fantasies; I’m a hot vampire in Slytherin, looking for victims. ‘Yum yum…’, licks lips in anticipation.

Forgive my ‘horns’. I’m a naughty boy. Wahahaha! Cut to the chase, I want my meal to come in fuzzy socks!

P.S. Oh god, there’s my inspiration for the short story, and I don’t mean the kinky details…

– Logen Lanka


Order Of The Phoenix Trailer

2006 November 22, 5:13 am

[Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix teaser trailer]

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix‘ premieres in cinemas on 13th July 2007. Below is the four minute sneak peek on HBO On Demand.



P.S. Can’t wait for the movie and book!


Dumbledore Confirmed Dead

2006 October 1, 3:42 am

Spoiler Warnings!

Quote from this link:

The latter bit, which had been a topic of much debate and speculation among Potter fans, was first voiced at the concert by author Salman Rushdie, who offered his theory that Snape and Dumbledore were in cahoots (over the latter’s murder) and that Dumbledore’s death was a hoax.

“In my opinion, Snape is good”, he declared.

Rowling’s answer: “And your opinion is right, but I feel I need to make one thing clear about Dumbledore: he is dead.”

Sad, sad news. Contrary to the convincing theory, Dumbledore is really dead, as confirmed by J.K. Rowling herself. Ironically, my only means of denial of Dumbledore’s death, is gone.


Just A Little Something

2006 September 9, 8:10 pm

[Harry Potter At The Palace]

Let me leave you with some Harry Potter videos. ‘ACCIO her majesty’s hand bag!’.

Anyway, the next was done by two crazy persons who used fire works for their wands. Without saying, their shouts in pain weren’t part of the act. Its extremely hilarious

[ Harry Potter Spoof by oldschooldumbass ]