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3 Weeks Into Spring Cleaning

2006 December 13, 5:29 am

3 weeks has passed since the spring cleaning began and it has not ended. I am a splendid procrastinator but I’m rather proud; it is the first time I spring-cleaned myself.

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I started out rather systematically sorted papers into ‘rubbish‘ and ‘want to keeps‘. As can be said, the ‘want to keeps’ were strewn all over the floor. The mess turned myself off to complete the goal of having an uncluttered room…

Don’t be like me. Here are some tips:

  • Right away, start organising the ‘want to keeps‘ into piles and store them into storage boxes/folders; mess will not motivate! Throw the rubbish away.
  • Recycle! Unimportant, unwanted documents can be recycled, while the ones containing sensitive info should be torn and trashed.
  • Reduce! Give away useful, unwanted goods to charities, sell them off to second-hand stores or hand them down.
  • Customise! Take stock of the amount of stuff you have and customise the space of the storage solutions.
  • Persistence. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Enough said.

Then again, you all would have probably completed spring-cleaning already… 😦

– Logen Lanka

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