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Overwhelmed And Tortured By Thoughts

2007 February 19, 12:52 am

Remember my previous entry with the erotic sonnet? One should never entertain such thoughts, especially when pain entails at the end. Forget what I said; so long as one lives, theĀ  spectrums of pain and pleasure is of certainty.

Somehow, someday, I want to do something drastic. I have yet to know what but definitely I am aware of my intentions; to rid of sufferring, through knowledge.

For now, lust and maybe my craving for love entraps me. I apologise for my incoherent ramblings. It happens whenever I am overwhelmed with emotions and thoughts. Therefore, my need for the first on my life-list: Be at peace within and hence, think pragmatically and systematically at all times.
– Logish


Overeat And Itch

2007 January 31, 4:05 am

My eyes are in tremendous danger of shutting soon but despite so, I cannot yet sleep; I confess myself to be overeating rather consistently. The stomach craves for a little more, making you mistake it for hunger and thinking it’d be the last bite. However, just as in procrastination, the last bite never comes.

Actually, I can think of more things that follow the same logic -an itch, for example, which is now afflicting my body. The quietly professed ‘last’ scratch never is the last. Hopefully the itch stops when I’m ready to slumber.

It is no wish of mine though to become fat and have sores on my skin. I need to reduce the eating and scratching. To aid in not overeating, I think I ought to print out my life list; especially number four on the list: “Lose weight, especially my big arse!”

– Logish


Life Reclaimed

2007 January 25, 1:47 am

After about two weeks of angst and then acknowledging it the night before, I am quite sure it is now gone. When one is so obsessively angsty in a situation and spares no time to think objectively, the consequences will no doubt be undesirable.

Obviously I have failed my first goal on the life list but I refuse to give up. Where motivation fails thy mind, the only thing hence left to do is to persist.

Anyway, pray that I’d be able to contact-juggle. I’ve been trying it with a small ball with some progress. I intend to get the proper-sized one next month, or so I hope.

– Logish


Must Not Lose Sight Of My Goals

2007 January 21, 2:54 am

I have been slacking off recently. Overemphasising on my other goals, I neglected the rest. Hence, to kick start the week, I have to:

  • practise my writing
  • increase my vocabulary (includes reading)
  • practise contact juggling
  • do a ‘goth look’ analysis
  • meditate (I’m not really living life at this stage, by my standards. A month ago I was more systematic.)

Although I used to write rather well, my skills are rather rusty now. I want to begin writing freelance by end January; it’d be an exploration of career options and a means to help with my family’s financial situation. The latter has gotten really bad.

– Logish