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Writing Is My Love

2006 December 8, 6:22 pm

At this stage of the holidays, I have seriously considered being a freelance writer and made my decision. The pull, of course, is the amount of free time. More importantly, however, I would be doing what I love.

Online freelance avenues concerned, I found none except Helium. Despite the prospect of being paid, I refuse to place my works among thorns. Having read negative feedback and tried Helium out, it can be said that their rating system and lack of editorial staff is the cause of their downfall.

As for the real world, in Singapore, Reader’s Digest has been unearthed in my still-ongoing search. They offer US$100 for your funny story, and $500 for your personal experience, if published. I shall think of something witty. Muahahaha!

Allow me to continue my search. Rest assured that I have not forgotten about the Christmas Special. 17 days to Christmas! 🙂

– Logen Lanka


Graduation Of Thy Mind

2006 October 13, 2:53 am

graduation night
[Graduation Night]


Graduation Night is over; the hint that the end is near. As the new inevitably arrives, olden memories shall fade into the background. Slowly, contrary to thou will, perhaps only flashes of it will remain in thy conscious mind.

Be sentimental and grasp the reigns of time, with futile hope for it to halt. That, I shall and will not do. Hold dear to the people I love and care for? I would be a fool to do thus; my love and concern is deemed valueless.

Not sad, but perhaps feeling just a small vestige of hurt. It does not matter, for the feelings are but impermanent. So is all else within this world; limited by the eyes, nose, ears, tongue, skin and mind, with choices made from the input of all six. I choose to be detached and be happy…


Dumbledore Confirmed Dead

2006 October 1, 3:42 am

Spoiler Warnings!

Quote from this link:

The latter bit, which had been a topic of much debate and speculation among Potter fans, was first voiced at the concert by author Salman Rushdie, who offered his theory that Snape and Dumbledore were in cahoots (over the latter’s murder) and that Dumbledore’s death was a hoax.

“In my opinion, Snape is good”, he declared.

Rowling’s answer: “And your opinion is right, but I feel I need to make one thing clear about Dumbledore: he is dead.”

Sad, sad news. Contrary to the convincing theory, Dumbledore is really dead, as confirmed by J.K. Rowling herself. Ironically, my only means of denial of Dumbledore’s death, is gone.


The Tranquil Night

2006 August 28, 6:57 pm

The Tranquil Night
[ my late night inspiration ]


Cool air in thy lungs
Meekly, the tree leaves flutter
The night, so tranquil

-Logen Lanka


P.S. My first true attempt at a haiku. I drew inspiration from the carpark below my appartment, late at night.


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Love Is Not The Word

2006 August 25, 11:56 pm

Lonely Soul
[Lonely Soul by Daniel Kim]

Love, a word too strong to describe my affection and yet, I know not what other to use. Each day, I renounce thy name from my treacherous heart, only to find it strengthening its presence.

Your scent beguiles my senses, with only my mind to bind myself from reaching towards it. To love, with the knowledge that I’d never experience thy touch and taste thy lips.

I am the sole blame for this creepy curse. Thence, never will you know who you be. Take comfort, if ever given a wish, you’d never be it; I love you too much to let you dwindle in the same pains I had gone through…

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Wishful Androgynous Lust

2006 August 23, 12:34 am

In darkened skies -the moon, the stars- they glow,

My heart, my soul, my bed belongs to you.

Eyelids shut and thence, thy sensual dew.

Beguiling scent; tight cords that bind my bones.


Stifled by sweet lips, the groans and moans…

An angel’s face, no doubt, the devil’s deal!

Charming eyes of fiery passion brew,

My wish, as such, for spinning Earth to slow.


At daylght’s prod, I see you nowhere here,

Beknown to me, enslaved by night-time’s bid.


Dire desperate lust, my futile tears.

To thrive, in other’s dreams, you need to feed.


Henceforth, pray I, the bleedin’ sun to die

Till then, my nightly visions, live to lie.

-Logen Lanka


P.S. This was the erotic sonnet I posted in my previous blog. I’ll add the footnotes that explains, later on. For now, interpret it as you wish.


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