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Makeover 2006 Preplans

2006 December 21, 6:24 am


Awhile ago, I have mentioned my intention to straighten and bleach my hair. Albeit so, I needed a vague idea of how I’d look as a blond and without zits. 😀

Hence, the above, done with Serif PhotoPlus 6. I am rather satisfied with it and aim to bleach it slightly whiter than that.

If you want to straighten your hair yourself, get ‘Wella Hair Straightener -strong’. It is one of the better chemical hair-straightener. It is also the thing if you don’t really want curtain hair.

Beaute Spring sells it at $8.90 at usual price. Don’t get them at departmental stores, it is much more expensive.

Watch this space for updates on the makeover.

P.S. I might be bleaching my eyebrows with lemon…

Note: prices are in Singapore Dollars

– Logen Lanka