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Fuzzy Socks Fetish

2006 November 26, 4:09 am

Evidently, I have recently acquired a morbid fetish for fuzzy socks. Therefore, I decided to search for them online. Allow your imagination to run wild!

All three varieties of the fuzzy socks, yielded from the search, gets positive customer reviews from Amazon. Thus, I have added the blue fuzzy socks and Santa fuzzy socks to my wish list.

Those are what I want for Christmas. I don’t mind if my certain someone comes with it. *grins maniacally*

Bold-Coloured Fuzzy Socks Fuzzy Santa Socks Duller-Coloured Fuzzy Socks

If you’re interested in getting your own fuzzy socks, follow the links in the above pictures. I wouldn’t mind if anyone out there wants to fulfill my wishes -the wish list.

P.S. The season of socks! Merry Christmas 🙂


My Funeral Rites Will

2006 November 22, 3:42 am

Funeral Meme

I am finally going to complete this meme entry; I will give allowance for my creativity and imagination. The meme is as follows:

Firstly, let me just say, family and friends, these are just guidelines. Within the boundaries of those present at the funeral, do whatever that pleases you. After all, as at then, I am dead. Hence, argue not over my last rites; I get really cranky when disturbed in the middle of a deep sleep…


Burn my body


Let fire consume my body, and allow the wind to scatter the ashes into the ocean. As such, remember the analogy on fire not being able to extinguish fire when the flames consume me; when my ashes scatter, keep in mind the interconnectedness of our world: fire -pyre, earth -ashes, air -wind, water -ocean, and most importantly, whatever it is, the mind prevails them all.

Plant a tree


For the sake of grief, grow trees in my memory. They aid in the reduction of greenhouse gases and serve as wonderful shade from the sun. Trees reduce the temperature in an area of land by at least one degree Celsius. If anything, it will help with the grieving process.

Remember my maniacal laughter and laugh


[That’s Hot! 🙂 ]

It is pointless to remain sad. Death is inevitable in all things that arise. That said, gather everyone and start laughing. You will find that it will be difficult to stop thereafter, as you’ll be laughing at yourselves for laughing at nothing.

Epitaph -not important

The choice of having an epitaph or not, lies with my family. On the other hand, wouldn’t a plaque by the newly planted tree be better?


The above rites are just prescribed for the living who grieve and closure for them. Whether it is done or not does not matter for I am dead at then; I’d prefer to be burnt and have my ashes scattered though.

-Logen Lanka


What Will My Obituary Say?

2006 August 31, 1:40 am
‘What will your obituary say?’ at

This reminds me of my past habit to laugh at the obituaries. I do not to do it now, considering the fact that the people I care about may one day be there.

However, whenever I see just the word ‘obituary’ in the papers, I still cannot help laughing. I feel bad for doing it, but the word prods me to ponder about which picture they would use and what would be said for my obituary. It just cracks me up…

To our beloved friend, Logen, you will be sorely missed.

Your neighbours at plot 22 and 24, have been informed about your habit to fart several times a day.

We hope you love the Armani shirt.

No need to tell me… I know I’m weird. What’s new?

P.S. Considering the time, I’m freaking out a tad bit about the ‘neighbours’.


Funeral Meme

2006 August 24, 9:10 pm

Funeral Meme
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I have contemplated on this topic since the age of thirteen. I remember telling, at that time my best friend, Mandy, if I ever died, she was ‘invited’ to my funeral. It wasn’t because I was being weird; I genuinely felt death was a universal thing, not to be deemed unlucky but to be respected as a natural part of life. Hence, my last wishes.

Then again, of course, my thirteen-year-old mind had not thought specifically about the above meme. Three years later, having settled down with my beliefs, I am ready to embark on this topic, unlike before.