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Bloody Lustful Hormones

2006 December 19, 2:38 am

The cool weather possesses one to desire cuddles; taste silky sweet lips; and breathe in the warm sensuous bodily scent.

Thus far, however, someone has yet to make claims on that certain someone; this I dare not do. Had my desires been proclaimed, harsh judgement would have besieged me and no longer would we be friends.

Despite the signs seen and sensed, I distrust myself. When one is controlled by poisonous lust, reason and logic is lost.

Lonely Hawthorn Tree by jont,

Pathetic I am, to dwell in fantasies of my mind but this, I cannot help; my hormones rage like charging bulls. Although, there be a day when all kinship I renounce (for that is the price), that day is still distant.

Sighs, the irony… I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop…

P.S. Do not ask who, as only my death will reveal it… Don’t worry I’m not depressed again.

– Logish


I’m A Naughty Boy

2006 December 5, 5:17 am

Bet the title caught your attention, didn’t it? 😀 So, what am I guilty of? Not updating, and having a naughty post below. Although, I mentioned the hiatus in the previous entry, it seemed a tad bit longer than short.

Instead of planning the Christmas Special, writing or studying Chemistry/English, I have been ‘spring-cleaning’ my room. The clutter and strewn about papers had been driving me crazy.

Not forgetting, I have taken to organising the barbecue for my class of year 2004. Let us just say the barbecue planning has hit a snag. Amidst all, I do, however, promise to reveal the sarong socks…



Now, my Meez is so hot, like me. Well, it is me in one of my fantasies; I’m a hot vampire in Slytherin, looking for victims. ‘Yum yum…’, licks lips in anticipation.

Forgive my ‘horns’. I’m a naughty boy. Wahahaha! Cut to the chase, I want my meal to come in fuzzy socks!

P.S. Oh god, there’s my inspiration for the short story, and I don’t mean the kinky details…

– Logen Lanka


Hot Kinky Fuzzy Socks

2006 November 25, 6:01 am

Kinky thoughts, anyone? Envisage a certain sexy someone of yours clad in nothing but warm fuzzy socks and Christmas cap this season. Alright, stop that naughty imagination of yours, and mine, of course.

Santa Cap

It is amazing how the mind runs amok thereafter. Without even a visual stimulus, you would have formed a picture in your mind. Well, if you’re a prude, you would probably have still formed that picture, but rejected it with much more than a vestige of shock.

Then, when asked to stop those thoughts, you can’t help but think about them. This comes under the study of thought suppression.

I want you not to think about a naked guy or girl in fuzzy socks and Christmas cap. Your likely response would be, “Okay, I must forget the naked… in fuzzy…”. Then in response to your own response you’d think: “Shit, I just thought about the naked… in fuzzy…”

How pardoxical. We can go on about it forever but I’d rather not.

Anyway, this has been a wonderful excuse to think about my certain someone in warm fuzzy socks for the Christmas season. So hot! I might go into this(not my certain someone!) more deeply on another day.

Just a little wisdom for you, it is what is on the inside that counts. Indeed! It is what is inside the fuzzy socks. Mmm. Yum.

Alright, alright, watch this space as I’ll be unveiling my sarong socks soon. Merry Christmas! 30 Days more!

-Logen Lanka


Crude And Worried

2006 October 19, 12:27 am

I love you. You love me. We’re a happy family. With a great big fuck and a kiss from me to you. Won’t you say you love me too.

Don’t you just love that song? Yea, I love my wishful baby too.

Alright, fine, I’m feeling rather crude now. For the past hour, I have been photocopying nearly three-quaters of the notes (the thickness of 1/8 of the Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire novel) that Miss Tanny Koh has given me.

What great motivation to study! At least, I now know how it is to have a career as a photocopy shop operator…

Anyway, it is Sciences Practical tomorrow for the O’s. I am rather confident for Chemistry, so long as the theoretical question does not involve molecular calculations or rates of reactions. I studied those before but my memory failed me again. As for physics, I need to do a bit of reading up on the chapter of electricity.

All the best to me then. I don’t believe in luck.

When things seem bad, it’s time to say, ‘I love myself.’ Yep, I do. Who wouldn’t…


Walk Thy Path Of Impermanance

2006 October 2, 3:20 am

Again, I am faced with the difficult choice; to change the blog or not. Typical of me, isn’t it.

On the same note, it is funny as to how quickly my mood changes. To be at peace for a second, masochistic in the other and depressed before long.

I have to build and walk my path, and not follow in the footsteps of others, not even the Buddha. He has his path, I have mine; he has his truth, and I have mine. To make myself believe whole-heartedly in another’s truth and forsake mine, out of fear, brings no peace.

Anyway, back to the topic of blog switching. Only time will tell what it foresees. Ironically, it is not time, for time to show what it forsees.

P.S. The Buddha continues to inspire me. Time however, remains elusive. The hope for my baby to be mine, seems as stubborn as ‘eternity’. All these together, fails not to confuse me… Let us not get started on the others.


Time To Pull Back

2006 September 29, 9:43 pm

For the sake of sanity, I need to detach myself from the desire of ‘my’ certain someone. What is hope? A delusion for an obsession? That is what I have and still have.

It is time I stepped back from those thoughts. Easier said than done…

P.S. Here’s an update: I believe I lost some of my bitchiness. [laughs]


Controlled By Lust, And Ego

2006 September 19, 10:19 pm

Each day, I long for thy scent but never will I receive its source. Why ought I cling on foolishly? Why does hope have such an effect?

What is love? Yet another way to affirm the ego and thus a source of comfort? It seems that it is all relative to the mind’s eye. Despite so, I crave for thy touch of comfort. But again, I know it is too much to ask for.

Ultimately, I do not matter… find your happiness and I shall seek my lone path. I am very tired, emotionally and mentally.

I am still in the loop; the only difference is that I’m running faster in desperation and consequently slamming myself harder on the wall… I am afraid that I would slip back into depression. To feel helpless and hopeless day after day, lacking the motivation to live life and being numb.