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Latest Move

2007 November 3, 3:17 am

as of November 2nd 2007


Moved For Months

2007 April 4, 12:08 am

This will likely be a last update. I have moved to For a link easier for the memory, try or

Take faith that I will work my way to a domain URL. I can’t make online transactions. Nonetheless, see you on the other side… of the above link of course!

P.S. I’d like to compliment and thank Freehostia for the good service they have provided.

– Logen Lanka


Interacting With My Visitors

2007 February 4, 8:15 pm

Currently, I’m working on improving my language proficiency. I soon will be writing short-stories, with that added confidence. Therefore, the updates on this site may reduce to once a week.

I pride myself in writing quality entries, or rather, in not spewing nonsense. And if I force myself to update on a near daily basis, when lackin a certain inspiration, the entries may very well turn out to be rubbish. However, the short-stories may be posted online.

That said, I understand that I do have some regular readers. Thank you all for the readership, and please leave comments. I’d like very much to interact with all of you. Don’t worry I won’t bite. 😀

– Logish


Domain Name Delayed

2007 January 22, 5:53 pm

I apologise for still not getting a domain name. I was under the impression that GoDaddy accepted cheques outside of the US but I was wrong.

Despite so, I may have found an alternative that costs slightly steeper prices. That, however, will have to wait as I have no cash at the moment; I spent it all at the salon.

– Logish


Get Me A Host

2007 January 7, 7:31 am

After 8 wasted hours of searching for a new satisfactory web host, I have just updated my WordPress platform. Please point me in the direction of a good free web host.
Below are my requirements.

  • At least 25 mb of space and 10 gb of bandwidth
  • At least 1 SQL Database with PHP hosting
  • .htaccess supported
  • FTP
  • Terms of conditions allow for those below the age of 18
  • Allows minimal profanity
  • In short, must be able to support WordPress

Thanks in advance for the help 🙂

– Logen Lanka


Sorry About The Content Delay

2007 January 4, 5:26 pm

My blog hasn’t started rolling with posts yet and here is why… I am testing out alternative web hosts, since there seems to be a problem with my current host’s database. I guess I’m a perfectionist in that sense.

Although this blog has been launched, it has yet to be official (which is when I get my domain name). I apologise for the delay in content but promise you’ll get it in due course.

– Logen Lanka