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Overeat And Itch

2007 January 31, 4:05 am

My eyes are in tremendous danger of shutting soon but despite so, I cannot yet sleep; I confess myself to be overeating rather consistently. The stomach craves for a little more, making you mistake it for hunger and thinking it’d be the last bite. However, just as in procrastination, the last bite never comes.

Actually, I can think of more things that follow the same logic -an itch, for example, which is now afflicting my body. The quietly professed ‘last’ scratch never is the last. Hopefully the itch stops when I’m ready to slumber.

It is no wish of mine though to become fat and have sores on my skin. I need to reduce the eating and scratching. To aid in not overeating, I think I ought to print out my life list; especially number four on the list: “Lose weight, especially my big arse!”

– Logish


Yea Rub Some Salt Onto The Wound…

2007 January 13, 11:45 pm

Not only is the hair screwed, people just can’t back off; I am, of course, talking about family. Well, it is the fact that I bleached and not the bullshit hair that bothers them more.

Here are the types of reasons given to me as to why I should not change my hair colour:

  • stereotypes of people who change their hair colour
  • discriminative people who love to judge and gossip
  • troublemakers who would have an added ‘justification’ to cause trouble

Firstly, stereotypes are stereotypes. Do the rest of us asians kill ourselves because of what those neo-nazis? Same thing for the above, let people talk. This covers the first two points.

Next, as for people who seek trouble, I can hardly say that I’ll check my horoscope daily to see if trouble will meet me a certain day. Things happen and it basically is like the same thing above. If it satisfies, I’ll save up for a taser gun/pepper spray but I do think my fart is more potent…

“Never ever dictate my actions…”

– Logen Lanka


Damage Control Activated

2007 January 13, 2:45 pm

I decided to wait it out for 3 days to allow the hair to recover and then, go to the salon. The choice colour will be either white blond or dull brown. Let’s hope they can save me. For now, my best friend is the bandana…

At least I’m not hysterical like I was yesterday. I have formulated the plan. If this fails, I’m stuck with whatever until Chinese New Year.

– Logen Lanka


Kill Me, My Hair Is Ruined

2007 January 13, 6:30 am

AHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I didn’t know that I had to make sure the bleach was applied evenly. Not to mention, my hair isn’t yet white blond; I look like an orang utan… I want my original hair colour back!

Looks like I have to get some more bleach or just go to a salon. I’m going to be stuborn again and opt for the former.

Anyway, let me show you the exact colour I wanted.


Urgh! I should try the salon in my neighbourhood if it is not above S$30!

= Logen Lanka


Confused As To The Colour

2007 January 12, 6:11 am

I have acquired the bleach already but according to the bottle, the results for 20 minutes may be too yellowish. Testing with photo manipulation, the colour, I looked like a transvestite.

I fear that the maximum time of 30 minutes may not be enough for white blond to present itself. In addition, my hair grows rather quickly and I don’t want the roots to show. Let’s not talk about the eyebrows. Perhaps I should have gotten professional help instead.

The problem with an asian wanting bleached white blond hair is that you don’t really have many asians as picture-reference; most I found were some really fair-skinned japanese. I’m a half-blood (Indian-chinese), so my skin’s in-between.

I wanted to go for the slight contrasting look. I did try out with photo manipulation the desired results and I liked it.
So, what are my potential problems?

  • parents freaking
  • friends freaking (actually the very least of my concern)
  • unsuitability to my liking
  • my eyebrows may be screwed for life
  • reinflamation of eczema
  • spending more money (for damage control plan)
  • Worst of all, if damage control is used, it can only be used a week later. And I have to get out of the house to get the supplies.

Should I just play safe with brown or take a risk? Personally I prefer the latter but I do not know as to whether this is a stupid risk. If it turns out as desired, I’ll give my mirror image a raunchy wet kiss… I love myself…

P.S. I obviously haven’t done the bleach yet. I did a last minute search on the suitability of dark eyebrows and white blond hair…

– Logen Lanka


Follow Up On The Makeover

2007 January 10, 5:07 am

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” -Walt Disney

Having followed through phase 1 of the plan, I’m starting to like the hair-cut. I had the sides of my hair thinned as I’m a natural Einstein. Here’s a tip, if you like a particular style, not only tell, but show the barber; print a picture or something.

As for phase 2, the bleaching, my choice is leaning towards white blond or brown; too much yellow makes me look like a beng-a-be. In passing, I did ask my dad for his opinion of me bleaching. He didn’t say no but wasn’t too happy about it. No objections, so be it.
Thursday it is, I’ll get the supplies after I get some sleep. As you know, I have a rather solid plan 🙂

“He who fails to plan, plans to fail” -a proverb

– Logen Lanka


Plans To Be A Narcissist

2007 January 6, 4:18 am

I intend to have a different look. Take this as rebellion against the four years of oppressive school rules and self-experimentation.With that said, I’ve been intrigued by the Gothic-look for awhile, and would likely go for that. I just love the eroticised look. However, I’m not going to conform to what is defined as Gothic or whatsoever, for that matter.

“Nonconformity for the sake of nonconformity, is in fact conformity” -unknown

There goes the chattering. So, I’m going to…

  • bleach my hair, to brown or near white (depends on whether I look like an old man with the latter)
  • reduce the volume of my hair and/or get a Mohawk
  • begin losing my big ugly arse and gain a sexy hot arse
  • get contact lens
  • alter some of my clothes

About the hair colour, I’ll consult three of my friends – Ais, Mandy and Harris, but ultimately it’s up to me. Till later…

– Logen Lanka

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