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Naughty But Sorrowful Love

2007 February 17, 1:41 am

Wishful Androgynous Lust

In darkened skies -the moon, the stars- they glow,

My heart, my soul, my bed belongs to you.

Eyelids shut and thence, thy sensual dew.

Beguiling scent; tight cords that bind my bones.

Stifled by sweet lips, the groans and moans…

An angel’s face, no doubt, the devil’s deal!

Charming eyes of fiery passion brew,

My wish, as such, for spinning Earth to slow.

At daylight’s prod, I see you nowhere here,

Beknown to me, enslaved by night-time’s bid.

Dire desperate lust, my futile tears.

To thrive, in other’s dreams, you need to feed.

Henceforth, pray I, the bleedin’ sun to die

Till then, my nightly visions, live to lie.

-Logen Lanka

I wrote the above erotic sonnet last year. I’m going to place it here despite having posted it elsewhere before. The inspiration for it was actually my sleep paralysis; I get very vivid hallucinations during initial sleep.

Even now, it is known to me that my certain someone would never be mine. Had I been given a wish then, it would be to be in eternal sleep, slaved by those bonds for pure want of love(acceptance). I believe in freewill and would hence, never wish a ‘curse’ upon another’s will.
– Logish