Bala M. -Currently residing in America, read about his joys and struggles with his family and friends. And his new found crush on his certain someone would certainly add some spice and juicy entries. *grins*

Champa H. -Get a range of emotions here; down to earth musings about her life. A great read, if only she’d update more regularly.

Chia Hsin H. -She might be violent but, deep inside she’s soft. I suspect its in her blood. Update!

Eileen -Hot guys are her motivation, and her brain is perhaps addled. Visit her crazy but lovely blog. (laughs)

Hakim -Insightful entries on life as a teenager who wants to make it in the music industry.

Jolene L. -Officially abandoned but strewn with Jay Chou pictures. Beware!

Joyce C. -Nice content, and literary works can be found. However, she too, is guilty of the horrible crime of not updating regularly.

Mandy L. -An autobiography that takes you through part of her life in Singaporean lingo. It reflects the many struggles and transitions we go through in life.

Nicholas L. -Also known as Nick and Nicorres, here’s the blog of the soccer star. If you need a good laugh, go there; his blog genre is mainly humour. He broke his record for not updating…

Shun Li T. -The superb header of the 4e5 soccer team. Well, his blog has content for sure. Good way to get news too.

Sook Han -From ‘hehe’s, ‘OOOOo’s and ‘EEE’s. She punctuates her entries with these expresions of laughter, awe and disgust.

Stacy C. -One of the best in accounting, skilled in business and promotion. Bitesize entries about random stuff. Might I tempt you with some Ben & Jerry’s?

Zhi Wei L. -Yet, another soccer star and the top of the tops in accounting. Yea, he’s the slut. If you have ‘nymphomania’, go on and visit. [laughs]



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